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Single vision lenses are prescribed if you need correction for one field of vision, either for distance, intermediate (computer), or items up close (near vision). Single vision has the same optical focal point or correction over the entire area of the lens.


Bifocal glasses eyeglasses  in  which  each  lens  is  made  up  of  two  segments  of  different  refractive  powers,  or  strength.  Generally,  the  upper  part  of  the  lens  is  used  for  ordinary  or  distant  vision,  and  the  smaller,  lower  section  for  near  vision,  for  close  work  such  as  reading  or  sewing.



Multifocal Lenses include bifocal and trifocal lenses, which correct more than one field of vision with two (bifocals) or three (trifocals) distinct lens powers throughout the lens (near, far and intermediate). Historically used to correct presbyopia—an age-related condition where the eyes are not able to focus on close objects—these lens options are used less often today as “no-line” progressive lenses have become a more popular option. Bifocal and trifocal lenses are available in a range of materials and designs.

Aspheric Design Lenses

Aspheric design lenses offer a slimmer, more attractive profile compared to conventional lenses because of a flatter design where the lens curvature gradually changes from the center of the lens out to the edge. As an aesthetic bonus, aspheric lenses cause less unwanted magnification (“bug-eyed”) or minification (“beady-eyed”) effects, so the wearer’s eyes appear more natural looking and they can see more naturally. To learn more about lens options, ask your Sterling Optical eye doctor or associate for more information and recommendations.

Reading Glasses

Full reading glasses are suitable for people who spend a great deal of time concentrating on material close-up. If you try to look up and across the room through the reading lenses, everything appears blurry.

Reading glasses can be custom-made for each individual through an optical dispenser, or they can be purchased "ready-made" at a pharmacy or department store.

Lenses For Kids

Most children who need eyeglasses are either nearsighted or farsighted. Depending on the degree of visual correction necessary, your eye doctor will prescribe glasses for full- or part-time wear. Children's lenses should be made of polycarbonate or Trivex. These materials are significantly more impact-resistant than other lens materials for added safety. Polycarbonate and Trivex lenses also are significantly lighter than regular plastic lenses, which makes the eyewear more comfortable — especially for strong prescriptions.

Contact Lenses

Clear contact lenses offer a more natural style of vision correction that's in keeping with today’s active lifestyle. However, if you’re interested in changing up your look or matching your eye color to your outfit or mood, fashion or costume contact lenses could be the solution for you. Best of all, you may care for color and fashion lenses the same way you would any prescription contact lenses. We carry a complete line of all contact lens brand, ready for next day pickup at Sterling Optical.

AR Coating

An anti-reflection coating (AR coating) is a dielectric thin-film coating applied to an optical surface in order to reduce the optical reflectivity of that surface in a certain wavelength range. In most cases, the basic principle of operation is that reflected waves from different optical interfaces largely cancel each other by destructive interference. We recommend Crizal AR Coating, but we sell generic as well.


Now accepting more vision insurance plans for optical care than ever before!

We Accept Most Major Insurance Plans

In most cases, we are able to bill your vision insurance provider directly, thereby saving you time and out-of-pocket expenses for whatever your visit was for: eyeglasses, eyewear, contact lenses, or eye exams.
Additionally, if we are unable to bill your vision insurance provider directly, we will assist you in completing the necessary insurance forms and also mail them to your insurance provider for you."

The plans we accept include:

•  Avesis
•  Blue Cross
•  Clarity Vision
•  Coast to Coast
•  Davis Vision
•  EmblemHealth
•  EyeMed
•  General Vision Services
•  Great-West
•  Health Net
•  March Vision Care
•  Optum Health Care
•  Principal
•  Safeguard – MetLife
•  Spectera
•  Superior Vision
•  Vision Plan of America
•  Vision World



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For over 100 years, Sterling Optical has been providing professional eye exams and incredible customer service from our licensed optometrists and staff.

Every location offers full service eye care for the entire family. Visit any location and find an extensive selection of eyeglasses, contact lenses, and designer sunglasses, all at a great value. At Sterling Optical, no matter what your budget, we offer fashion for everyone!
Company History
Sterling Optical first opened its doors in 1914. The first location was in the Financial District of New York City. Thirty-five successful years later, a second store opened in the Washington, D.C. area.
In 1966, Sterling Optical embarked on the first of its expansion programs by acquiring IPCO, a retail optical company and public corporation. This acquisition made Sterling Optical one of the largest retail optical chains in the Northeast.
Today, the company has nearly 70 locations nationwide.
A pioneer in the optical industry, Sterling Optical was one of the first to focus on developing proprietary private label brands and forming partnerships with frame vendors worldwide.